Know Your Scope

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How clear are your clients on the scope of work you will be delivering to them? Have assumptions been made that are increasing your workload and delaying your ability to successfully deliver your project? Be clear and ensure everyone knows your scope!

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How well do you know your scope? How well does your client know the scope?

What documentation have you put in place before your engagement started to clearly agree who was responsible for what? Is it clear to everyone involved what your statement of work actually contains, and what you are expected to deliver?

Why does this matter?

Your ability to scope your project clearly, scoping what is in and what is out of scope for you, in terms of delivery, is really your boundary for successful implementation.

If you have not clearly articulated what you are not doing; as well as what you are responsible for doing; your client’s assumption is going to be that you are doing everything.

And when you are assumed to be delivering “everything”, your project is at risk.


A. Because “everything”, never gets done!

B. This gets you into hot water with your client, and

C. Expecting everything, will never quite deliver the results you need.

So, take the time to work out your scope. Clearly define it in your statement of work, before you spend too much time engaging with your client.

A clear scope will manage expectations and lead to a great outcome for everyone involved.

Have a great day!

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