“I have come to appreciate that there are in fact 3 types of consultants – those that are just going through the motions, those that embody the “con and insult” cliché, and those that invest themselves personally in their work.  Michelle obviously falls into the third category.  A true consultant is like a butterfly – they fly in, pollinate, and then leave.

I believe that Michelle is leaving Powerwrap in significantly better shape than when she arrived, and I wish Michelle all the best for her next assignment.”

Michael Jessop
Head of Technology, Powerwrap


“Thank you for making Mecca’s PMO come fully to life during 2016. It has been so valuable to have the PMO creating much more transparency, better cross-project coordination and generally speeding up execution.  Well done on “herding the cats” across our portfolio of activity – no small feat, and something to be proud of.
Thank you also for getting us to the point where we can start transitioning the PMO to in-house management.  You leave us with a strong framework which we are excited to build on.”
Pete Wetenhall
Joint CEO and Founder, Mecca


“The benefits of what Ignitis brought to us was a legitimacy and an ability to deliver on our promise. The ability to confidently sit in front of our clients and know that we can deliver on what we say we can do. If you want to use net promoter score type things Ignitis would be off the charts on that front.”
Kurt Knapstead
CEO Troovo


“At Epicon we pride ourselves on exceptional quality of service, customer satisfaction, cutting edge solutions and our special culture. Michelle was quick to understand our business and our unique culture and was part of the team in no time.  Ignitis’ unique way of simplifying complex business problems assisted us in upgrading our implementation methodology which saves us time and money to execute.  We are looking forward to ongoing support as we continue to grow our business.”
Yair Tzur
CEO and Founder, Epicon


“We were extremely happy with Ignitis’ approach to addressing our challenge.  They listened carefully to our issues and worked with us to clarify our problem, then empowered us with a transfer of knowledge so that, at the end of the engagement, we had all the material and understanding we needed to move forward with implementation in-house.”
Miki Wilson
Personal referral from a Senior Manger in an Emergency Services organisation in Victoria


” I would recommend Ignitis to other NGOs. Michelle was approachable and always listened and was able to offer suggestions that were helpful.  She communicated not like a corporate high flyer but with people on the ground in the NGO, at a level that was comfortable for us.  It was good to know that she was there with the technical expertise when we needed.  I wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the phone again.”

Dianne McFadden
Business Manager, MPower

Referral Partner Testimonial

“We build very deep relationships with our clients, therefore when you’re referring other partners, the number one criteria has got to be trust, ability to deliver and also a methodology that you’re comfortable with that actually partnerships can flourish from there. We found with Michelle and with Ignitis that the trust is certainly something that we’ve established because the quality of the work has been great, the partnership is good. The feedback’s been extraordinarily positive.”

Jim Cassidy
Little Fish to BIG Fish

Speaking Engagement Testimonials for Michelle Taylor

“Just wanted to thank and congratulate you on a fantastic presentation yesterday at the NFP Conference. You were brilliant! Learnt a great deal over the 2 hours and thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise in such an important area. Well-paced and interesting presentation!”

Joe Pennisi – Human Resources Manager at VICSEG New Futures


“Thank you for yesterday. I sat in your second session yesterday and enjoyed the content. I also enjoyed your very calm approach and speaking style. Interesting in your cultural feedback about communication – it was my years of dealing with other cultures that taught me a lot about communication and the power of being curious! Loved the reinforcement and it is very needed in the not for profit area.”

Sandy Colombo – ACP (Actionable Consulting Partner) Manager Australia & NZ  at Actionable Books


” Your talk at the Women in Technology breakfast really resonated with me.  You mentioned “purpose” and “add value”, and I really just want to add value to the world. So thank you again – it was a very captivating talk and one of the best I’ve seen! ”

 Ashton Bridge – Manager, Technology Consulting at PwC Australia


“Can I say again that your presentation was brilliant.  You did a fantastic job of engaging the audience, which doesn’t occur that often!”

Kaye Montebello – Organiser of The Importance in Women in IT event

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